News: Danielle Soury Awarded The 2016 John Braheny Scholarship

“The scholarship committee is happy to present its unanimous recommendation for the 2016 John Braheny Scholarship recipient, Danielle Soury, a sophomore from USC. Danielle stands head and shoulders above the other applicants. Having an impressive academic background (she possesses a 3.96 GPA), she has still made time to take internships at Sony/ATV and Chop Shop Music Supervision. When she graduates, Danielle would like to take on a position in music supervision that allows her to empower up and coming women artists. Her extracurricular activities include acting as business manager for one of her school’s a cappella groups, working as social media manager for the student radio station, and working in community outreach programs for the performing arts. She comes highly recommended by Prof. Mark Goldstein at USC who said she is one of the best students he has ever had and predicts that she is destined for great things. Her supervisor at Chop Shop, Kasey Truman, also gave her an outstanding recommendation.” — California Copyright Conference

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