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My Audience Loves It – Why Don’t You?

You’re primarily a live performer who is used to getting an enthusiastic response from an audience. You think, “I’m ready to do a CD of my songs and see if I can get a record deal” (or publishing deal, manager, film and TV placement, good reviews, better gigs, etc.).

So you save up your cash and record those songs – the ones they love with the arrangements they love in the clubs. Then you start sending them out and get comments like:

  • “I like your style but you need better songs”
  • “Good singer but I don’t hear any hits”
  • “I suggest you find better songs”
  • “Nothing here of interest but let me know when you have some more songs.”

You can’t believe it! Your audiences love these songs. They even request them. After all, aren’t these the people who’re gonna buy your records anyway?

Why can’t these so-called “music professionals” hear how great these songs are?

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