Archive Highlight: Lead Sheet Publications from Songwriters Showcase – 1980, 1984, Mid 1970’s

Only 3 of these publications have turned up so far. It appears they were produced each year by the Songwriters Showcase as a guide for new songwriters.

If you have any further information about the Lead Sheet or stories about is creation and production, please leave a comment.

Click each image for a full-sized version jb-D000000093-001 jb-D000000093-001a

JB#: D000000093-001

jb-D000000093-002 jb-D000000093-002a jb-D000000093-002b jb-D000000093-002c

JB#: D000000093-002

jb-D000000093-003 jb-D000000093-003a

JB#: D000000093-003

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