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Why You Should Write Bad Songs

I had read Rex Butters’ interview with my friend, writer/producer Wendy Waldman in in the March/April 07 edition of FolkWorks magazine and I came across a quote I thought was helpful.

“FW: How much are you writing these days?
WW: Lot, I’ve never stopped writing. I always write.
FW: You Must have a trunk full.
Yeah man. And a lot of it is really bad. People are so flattering and sweet to me, and they say” You’re such a great songwriter,” And I say “no, no, no, I’ve just never played the bad stuff for you.” I’m just a good editor. A lot of good songs you can only get to through the bad ones. Sometimes you have to write a lot of prototypes before you can get to the one you’ve been trying to get to, that might be really good, Continue Reading →